When my daughters asked their dad to buy them more chickens, I never could have imagined him building something so beautiful. Especially for chickens. But this is what my father in law and husband were able to build out of pallets. I absolutely love how it turned out. Now the girls are jealous that the chickens have such a beautiful playhouse.

Time: 3Weeks Cost: $1800.00 Difficulty: Easy

We started out with 5 solid plywood pallets. Then built a base for the chickens to have some shade.

We also fenced them in a nice large area so they could be free-ish range. We live in the country and raccoons and neighbors dogs could be a problem.

The huge chicken run for all 14 chickens


The inside of the chicken coop. The little waterer we are switching out for a 5 gallon bucket. Just haven't had time to get it done yet. There are 4 nesting boxes, but the older chickens like to share 1 box, and the younger 8 chickens share another. Its pretty funny to see them all piled up on top of each other at night.

Another look at the chicken run. We ended up taking out a corner of our pasture for the cows. Then they have tons of grass to roam around in to find bugs, but still are protected from natural predators out here in the country

I just love my little slice of heaven.

Another shot of the coop as we were building it.

I still can't believe that they created such a beautiful coop from scratch, with no plans at all!
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