You don’t need any money to create these beautiful rustic kitchen door handles! In fact, you can probably find them in your own backyard.

Time: 1Hours Cost: $0.00 Difficulty: Easy

Well hello, my lovely readers! Isn’t it a beautiful day? A beautiful day for more… beautiful branches.

What? You thought I’d run out of ideas on how to use branches in my home? Oh, honey. That’s not going to happen any time soon! I have A LOT of branches in my backyard, and an itty-bitty decorating budget. ;)

Plus, I would pick these rustic kitchen door handles over just about any metal handles and knobs that you could toss my way. There’s just something so awesomely amazing about using nature in your home as well as being ridiculously cost efficient.

Not to mention, you could make (or find) them in any size you could possibly think up. Small, large, short, thick, crooked, and also in a variety of colors depending on your location.

Material I used for this project:

  • Branches   (Backyard)