Select the best furniture for your home patio

Time: 2Days Cost: $30.00 Difficulty: Easy

There is nothing quite as nice as sitting on the patio with family and friend. Select you patio furniture from a wide variety of colors and styles that will provide long-lasting enjoyment.

This guide will teach you how to select the right furniture to fully enjoy your patio, deck or pool area.


Types, materials and Sun Exposure

Consider the types of furniture, materials and sun exposure you will use to fully enjoy your patio. Here are a few of the considerations:

  • Types of Furniture: There are many types of furniture available for use on your patio. Chairs come in a wide range of sizes, materials and colors. Dining tables can feature tabletops made of diverse materials, including glass, wood or tile. Loveseats and benches provide extra seating while swings and hammocks offer style and comfort.
  • Materials: Outdoor furniture is constructed from a wide range of materials. If your furniture is placed in an open area with exposure to the elements, purchase cushions that will not dirty or collect mildew easily. Look for cushions with polyester fibers that allow water to run off and air to filter through, keeping them fresh.


  • Sunlight: Constant exposure to the sun's rays can cause patio furniture to fade and lose its luster. If your patio or deck has direct exposure to the sun, you may want to consider adding an umbrella or a retractable awning to protect seating areas and create a more comfortable environment. Umbrellas and awnings provide protection from the sun and soften harsh light. They can even reduce temperatures for increased comfort.

 Patio Features

  • Motorized Awning
    If you don't want to hassle with manually deploying your awning, look for one that allows you to retract it with the push of a button.
  • Accordion Tables
    Accordion tables expand and collapse as needed to create extra space or save room. They make great additions if you want to have enough table space for occasional parties but prefer to have more room to move around the rest of the time.
  • Carts
    Carts are mounted on wheels and provide convenient storage and extra surface space in one stylish package.
  • Wheels/Casters
    Some items come mounted on wheels or casters for easier mobility. This is especially desirable in items constructed of heavier materials including wrought iron or steel.
  • Collapsible/Modular Design
    Some pieces of outdoor furniture are designed to collapse or come apart for easier storage and/or transport.

Material I used for this project:

  • Aluminum   ()
  • PVC (poly-vinyl chloride)   ()
  • Plastic   ()
  • Steel   ()
  • Wicker and Rattan   ()
  • Wood   ()
  • Wrought Iron   ()