Make believe camera

Step 1
Tear a piece of silver Duck Tape® about 12″ long and wrap around the center of the gift box. Overlap on the back.
Step 2
Cut a circle from the Black Tie cardstock 2″ in diameter. Glue to the center of the box on the silver Duck Tape®.
Step 3
Cut a 1″x5½” strip from Black Tie cardstock. Tear (or cut) a ¾”x5½” piece of silver Duck Tape® and lay it over the strip of cardstock, leaving ¼” of Black Tie cardstock exposed. Snip along the strip in ¼” increments through the exposed black cardstock, stopping at the silver Duck Tape®.

Step 4
Roll the strip into a circle and adhere the ends with glue. Fold out the snipped tabs and glue it onto the Black Tie cardstock circle on the camera.
Step 5
Cut two circles about 1½” in diameter out of yellow construction paper. Glue one circle to the top front of a craft stick. Glue the other circle to the back of that circle to make your “flash bulb”.
Step 6
Tear off a 1½” strip of silver Duck Tape® and adhere it to a piece of cardstock larger than the strip. Cut a square about 1″x1″ and then cut out a small square in the center to create a “viewfinder”. Glue it to the top back of the camera, toward the left side.
Step 7
ADULT: Hot glue a pony bead onto the top of the box on the right side.
Step 8
Tear a piece of silver Duck Tape® about 24″ and fold it in half lengthwise. Tape it onto the sides of the box to create a strap, using more silver Duck Tape®.
Step 9
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