Kids club® dreamcatcher

Step 1
Choose a chenille stem and form it into a circle. Twist the ends onto one another to secure the circle.
Step 2
Choose 2 or 3 colors of craft thread and wrap each color several times around the outside of the circle and across the center to the other side to create a “web” look. Tie each color in a knot close to the chenille stem to hide the knot, and trim the excess thread.
Step 3
Choose a feather and wrap some of the craft thread several times around the “stem” of the feather, then tie it onto the bottom of the dreamcatcher.
Step 4
Thread a few pony beads onto a 3″ (approximately) piece of thread and tie into the bottom of the dreamcatcher. Make 2 and tie them onto either side of the feather.
Step 5
Make a hanger from craft thread by tying a loop on the top of the dreamcatcher. Add beads to it if desired.
Step 6
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