Kids club® craft stick hot cocoa mug

Step 1
Click here to print the template for the cup handle. Cut out.
Step 2
Trace around the pattern for the cup handle onto the chipboard and cut out.
Step 3
Begin with two of the regular craft sticks and lay them out in front of you horizontally on the table, about 2¼” apart.
Step 4
Glue six jumbo craft sticks perpendicular across the regular craft sticks, starting at one end of the regular craft sticks. This will leave about ½” of the two regular craft sticks showing. Glue the chipboard cup handle to the portions of the two craft sticks that are visible. Let dry.
Step 5
Flip the hot cocoa mug over and lay the pattern for the “hot cocoa” at the top of the mug. Trace the shape, then paint it brown. Paint the rest of the mug and the handle red. Let dry.
Step 6
Glue white pom poms to the brown “hot cocoa” area to represent marshmallows.
Step 7
Spell name on the front of the mug using the foam letters.

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