Homecoming garter

Step 1
Project Note: Use image as a guide.

– To make the circle mum backer base of the garter, cut twelve 6″ lengths of the 7/8″ red ribbon, 7/8″ black ribbon and 1-5/16″ confetti glitter Silver ribbon.

– Lay one of the 7/8″ black ribbons on top of the one of the 1-5/16″ confetti Silver ribbons and center. Fold the layered ribbons half and staple at the bottom. Repeat for the remaining 11 black and confetti glitter Silver ribbon pieces. Set aside.

– Take a red ribbon piece and hold each end in front of you. Bring the ends together, so that there is a loop at the top. Turn the piece in one hand 90°, crisscross the end piece in the opposite hand behind the first piece, and hold. Carefully turn the piece around and shape the point by gently shifting the end pieces and then staple. Repeat for the remaining eleven red ribbon pieces.

Step 2
– Lay out the twelve stapled black/confetti Silver pieces evenly around the outside of a circle backer base. Once laid out, staple to the circle backer base about ½” from the edge.

– Staple the red pointed ribbon pieces in between the black/confetti silver pieces on the circle backer base, also about ½” from the edge.

– Add a generous amount of hot glue to the front of the circle backer base, from the center to where the ribbons are stapled. Immediately add the mum flower. Add more glue, if needed, by lifting petals and working around the ribbons. Be careful not to get glue on the ribbons or in any other visible places.
TIP: The hot glue sets quickly so have the mum ready to attach.

Step 3
– Determine placement of the half football, helmet and the “Homecoming” arc by laying them into the mum. Once arranged as desired, hot glue in place. Hold the trinkets in place while hot glue sets. Set aside.

– For the bottom part of the Homecoming Garter, make the following cuts:

Homecoming Ribbon Spool, 7/8″ Wide:
Black: Three 15″ pieces
Red: Two 15″ pieces
White: Two 15″ pieces
Homecoming Ribbon Spool, 1-5/16″ Wide:
Red: Two 15″ pieces
Confetti Glitter Silver: One 15″ piece
Homecoming Ribbon Spool, 1-½” Wide:
Silver Pattern: One 15″ piece
White with Junior: One 15″ piece
Homecoming Ribbon Spool, 2″ Wide:
Black: Two 15″ pieces
Red: Two 15″ pieces
White: Two 15″ pieces

Step 4
– Set aside one 15″ piece of 7/8″ black ribbon, two 1-5/16″ red ribbons and the 1½” white with Junior ribbon.

– Take another circle backer base and staple the ribbons cut in Step 8 around the bottom third of the circle. Start with the wide, solid ribbons and layer the thinner and the pattern ribbons. You can staple to both the front and the back of the backer base.
TIP: Add more ribbons if you want a fuller look.

– Attach the ribbons set aside in Step 3 towards the front, as shown.

– Once all ribbons cut in Step 8 are attached, cut and staple in several pieces of the white and silver curling ribbons. Place them within, behind and to the sides of the ribbons already attached.

Step 5
– Lay out the ribbons attached the base onto a flat surface. Add the letters from the “Homecoming” sticker sheet to the 7/8″ black ribbon that was added towards the front of the ribbon layers. Center them vertically on the ribbon.

– Add the letters for the names to each of the 1-5/16″ red ribbons that were added towards the front of the ribbon layers. For the name with more letters, start from the top and work down, spacing evenly onto the ribbon. Place the shorter name onto the second ribbon, spacing vertically with the first name, as shown.

– Tie trinkets, at varying levels, to the curling ribbons. Trim as desired.

Step 6
– Layer the circle backer base with the mum attached onto the backer base with the ribbons. Be sure to line the circles up evenly and check that the top of the mum is in the correct placement. Staple together. But be sure to keep the staples under the mum flower where the staples are well hidden.

– Take the remaining circle backer base and staple the garter across the back. Be sure to turn the stapler so the smooth side of the staple is on the garter side. Staple generously.

– Attach the third circle to the back of the first two backer bases. Again, be sure the smooth side of the staple is on the back.

– Trim ribbon ends as needed.
Step 7
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