Splash pumper splatter canvas

Step 1
Project Note:

Be sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes from splatter.
Although the paint is washable, you may want to wear something you do not mind getting messy.

Cover area with a disposable tablecloth.
Step 2
Pour 1 bottle of paint into a plastic tub. Fill the bottle half full of water and add to the paint in the plastic tub. Use a craft staick to mix. Repeat with 2 more paint colors in the remaining plastic tubs.
Step 3
Set the canvas on the ground in the center of the disposable tablecloth and set the plastic tubs with paint within reach.
Step 4
Pull the ball lever at the top of a splash pumper up about halfway. Set the end of the splash pumper in the paint and pull the ball lever the rest of the way.

NOTE: The more air in the barrel provides a more splatter effect.
Step 5
Stand over the canvas and push the ball lever down quickly. Repeat with each color. Let dry.

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