Mom & me salt art

Step 1
Click here to download and print the templates. Cut out patterns.
Step 2
Trace the butterfly (or design of choice) onto the canvas.
Step 3
Apply glue straight from the bottle in a line around the outline of the butterfly (or other design) and then make squiggles on the inside until you are satisfied with your coverage of glue. Add large and small circles/dots around the butterfly.
Step 4
Sprinkle salt generously all over the glue. Once all the glue is covered, tap off the excess salt.
Step 5
Water down the paint colors you wish to use, so the paint is very watery.
Step 6
Lightly touch the brush loaded with watered down paint to the salt. The salt will wick the paint from the brush and spread it naturally.
Step 7
Continue adding watered down paint to the salt. The colors will blend into one another as the salt wicks the paint from the brush. Let dry.

Project Notes:

Drying will take about 24 hours for the paint and glue to dry completely.
If possible, let the painting set for a while before moving it, as it will be quite watery and may drip.

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