Duck tape® mustache/lips photo booth props

Step 1
Click here to download and print the templates. Cut out and set aside.
Step 2
Cut four strips of Duck Tape® in Cha Cha Cherry for the lips or Midnight Madness for a mustache, making each strip 5″ long.
Step 3
Place two strips on the crafting surface, sticky-side up. Slightly overlap the edges so that they make a flat, sticky surface.
Step 4
Take the remaining two strips and place them face down on the other Duck Tape® strips to create a double-sided sheet of Duck Tape®.
Step 5
Trace the shape you want from the template onto the Duck Tape® sheet created in Step 3 and cut out.
Step 6
Attach a dowel rod to the back of the prop with strips of Duck Tape®.

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